West View Healthy Living Volunteer Opportunities

Here at Mohican, we have a wonderful partnership with Pastor Eric Fairhurst at Westview Healthy Living in Wooster, OH. They are always looking for volunteers within their Assisted Living program! The following list reflects current and/or desired volunteer service activities for the Assisted Living population of West View Healthy Living. 

If you would like to volunteer with any of the positions listed below, you can contact Pastor Eric Fairhurst at:

Pastor Eric Fairhurst
Life-Enrichment Coordinator for Assisted Living
West View Healthy Living
1715 Mechanicsburg Rd.
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 264-8829, ext.246
(330) 465-3001 (cell)

Volunteer Opportunities:
Helpful visits (one-on-one/small groups)
Game-playing (cards, puzzles, board games, etc…)
Sunday Chapel @ 2pm (transporting, assisting, welcoming, Ministering the Bible, prayer, and song)
Wednesday Chapel @ 10:45am (same as above)
Light, fun exercise (usually requires some basic knowledge of safe, passive activity for chair-bound)
Scheduled activity transport of wheel chair-bound Residents
Music performance
Reading aloud to individuals/groups (possible facilitation of Book Clubs)
Light clerical/administrative duties
Popcorn making/distribution
Ice Cream servers
Hand massages/ladies’ nails
Strolls inside and in safe outside areas.
Outside work of cleaning up, preparing, planting, and maintaining courtyard landscape/floral spaces
Accompanying and assisting with short, area bus trips

Understanding that not all elements listed will be desirable or applicable to each Volunteer, WVHL invites potential Volunteers to best utilize their gifts, talents, and passions with their Residents within the parameters of respect and safety required in our Community. They also acknowledge this is a basic list and invite creative suggestions for further life-enrichment.

Office Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
10 AM - 2 PM
Email: mohicanchurch@gmail.com
Church phone: 419-846-3932
Pastor Paul Bartholomew: 330-201-2448
Pastor Chad Palmer: 330-466-7373


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